About Us

About Us

Who we are ?

Omshu realestate is an online platform for buyer, seller and investor who will to do business in Real estates by providing the top quality Realtor Service in Nepal. We are here to create a new ecosystem in the business where all factors who are engaged in the sector of properties tie up in a single system for better growth and prosperity of people as well as country.

Why Omshu Real estate?

Currently there are plenty of real estate agencies which are publicly active as well as many more than then who are working in individual and small sector label. we omshu real estate are here to cover the vacuum market that is avail in this country in field of real estate agencies. there just number of companies working but good service infrastructure are still unable to be built up. all the companies have same flow of work procedures who are mainly focused on money making process rather than making customers dreams into an address. our main motto is to make human life easier and prosperous by making all the clients happier from our side with best deals and best properties.

Our Values

we believe in growth not only our but also of every clients who trust us and give us chance to find them the best deal. either buyer or seller both are equally responsible for the properties. there are following terms which our organization is mainly focused on :


Company growth is the clients growth which we believe. the more the company can give to its clients the more will clients giving in return for better growth of the companies working as an real estate agencies all over the country with aim to provide quality services and better satisfaction to all the clients.


Account is what the whole world is running in this decade. in real estate market of Nepal the accountability lacks the most as bribe and defrauding to the clients are mainly programmed by the agents and their agencies which omshu real estate is going to point out as the biggest problem and will always make it valued by performing best services than any other agencies.


The main value with every clients starts from trust which is very necessary for better standard of company and also the ethic of the business which this organization is carrying to solve the problems of people by providing best realtor service in the country.


Every human being has given the equal capacity which all perform according to their own way which we respect and perform same kind of behaviour with all ethnics of people all around the country.

Customer Royalty

our customers are both buyer and seller which are our lord in the business so its our first priority to make all our clients happier by making them engaged in different royalty programs which will make them connected to us for years and years.

Our Goal

Why Real estate is Best investment in Nepal?